Matravers School


Dress Code

Smart Business Dress

At Matravers we believe that the way we dress is an outward reflection of our high aspirations. Our Sixth Form Business Dress Code enables students to feel smart, successful and individual at the same time. The same high standards of dress developed in the lower school are continued into the Sixth Form so our Sixth Form students remain as the role-models for younger students. Depending on your course options there may also be additional forms of dress that you also wear to reflect the course that you are studying. For instance, Science students wear lab coats, PE students wear Sports kit.

Our strict Sixth Form Dress Code cannot be compromised.

Please note: The school is the final arbiter on any decision appertaining to the dress code. Please contact the school for advice and guidance if necessary.




Business Suit (Matching Suit Jacket and Trousers)***

Black, Navy, Grey or Brown – non-shiny material

(matching waistcoats are permitted)

Formal Shirt with collar*

Plain, Checked or Striped


Matravers 6th Form Tie

Smart Shoes (no boots)

Black or Brown

Optional – Formal V-Neck Jumper or Cardigan

A plain v-neck jumper or cardigan may be worn under suit jacket (but not in place of a suit jacket).

*Please note: for a shirt and tie to be correctly worn, the top button of the shirt must be fastened.





Business Suit (Matching Suit Jacket with Trousers / Skirt or Suit Jacket with Tailored Dress)***

Black, Navy, Grey or Brown – non-shiny material. Skirts and dresses should be knee length.

Formal Top

Plain or Patterned

Smart Shoes** (no boots)

Black or Brown. Heels should be 3 inches or less.

Optional – Formal Jumper or Cardigan

A plain jumper or cardigan may be worn under suit jacket (but not in place of a suit jacket).

**Please note: opened toed footwear, sandals and stiletto shoes are not permitted for health and safety reasons.

***Please note: Suit Jackets will be worn at all times around the school site but may be removed during lessons with permission from the teacher.



Coats should be neutral in colour and without large logos or slogans.

General Appearance

  • Hair – natural in colour, neat and tidy, no extreme hairstyles
  • Headscarves worn for religious purposes are permitted
  • Beards and Stubble – neatly trimmed, tidy
  • Jewellery – discreet and appropriate, maximum of one pair of earrings (one in each ear), other facial and tongue piercings, stretchers and all other visible piercings must be removed
  • Tattoos – if students have tattoos, they must be covered at all times – no visible tattoos

Unacceptable clothing

  • Transparent clothing, clothing which reveals undergarments.
  • Spaghetti / shoestring strapped tops. Low worn / revealing tops.
  • Leggings, denim or chinos. Cropped trousers.
  • Clothing with tears or rips.
  • Political badges or emblems. Logos or slogans which may cause offence.
  • Hats or caps.
  • Trainers or canvas shoes.
  • Other items of clothing which fall outside of the definition of ‘smart business dress’.