Matravers School



The Matravers School Uniform (for Key Stage 3 and 4)

We believe our uniform should demonstrate an outward reflection of the pride pupils feel in Matravers School. This uniform should be something that reflects their identity as part of Matravers School and also demonstrates that they are associated with high expectations.

All pupils are expected to wear correct school uniform at all times.

The school is the final arbiter of what is and is not appropriate uniform. If a parent is in any doubt they should contact the school for clarification.

Uniform Policy

What this means

Shirt – white collared shirt either long sleeve or short sleeve


T-shirts or other tops not to be worn underneath shirts.

Tie – school design either clip-on or traditional


The Tie must be tied up to the collar at all times.

Jumper (Optional) – Bath Blue V-neck pullover from school supplier



Blazer – school design with logo from school supplier

The Blazer must be worn every day to school, around school and going home from school. During lessons, the teacher will give permission for Blazers to be removed.


Trousers – prescribed black.

No denim-style jeans, pinstripes, cut-offs, tracksuit bottoms or ‘skinny-style trousers’.  All trousers must come away from the leg at the ankle. Scholars stock approved uniform styles, any trousers purchased elsewhere must be similar in material and design.


Skirts – prescribed Matravers skirt.

The length of the skirt should be on or below the knee. The skirt is available at Scholars.


Shoes – plain black, sensible style with black laces.

No canvas shoes, white/logoed trainers or highly coloured soled trainers/shoes. Shoes should not have a high heel. “Fashion shoes” and boots are not permitted.


Coats – plain colour (preferably black or navy), front fastening, any logo must be discreet.

Coats must be removed in the lesson. Any form of hooded sweatshirt style of top will not be permitted in school as a substitute to a coat or jumper.


Headwear – hats and caps are not permitted in lessons.


Hats and Caps are not permitted to be worn around the school site.

Hairstyles should be appropriate, neat and tidy.

Tramlines, patterns in hair, unnatural colours, dyed hair, extreme hairstyles or close shaven hair will not be permitted. Hair should be "blended" if cut short.


Make up – students in Years 7 and 8 are not permitted to wear any make-up.

Students in Years 9 and above are permitted to wear discreet and appropriate make-up (at the discretion of staff).

We operate a “double-take” rule regarding make-up in the later years; make-up which is discreet should not be noticed by anyone. If it is noticed, it is not discrete, and will be requested to be removed.


Nail varnish is not permitted in any year group.


One pair of small stud/sleeper earrings will be allowed in the ear lobe.



Excessive jewellery, fashion accessories (i.e. belts or hair accessories), spacers, nose studs and other forms of visible piercing will not be allowed.



Tights – Natural or black in colour

They must be one colour and must be made of a sensible material that is appropriate for School.


Matravers PE Uniform

(Please ensure all items of Uniform are named)

Please Note :   All items with school logos(*) are available to purchase from Scholars


* Pro Tech Rugby Shirt with Matravers logo
* Aptus Polo Shirt with Matravers logo
* Navy PE shorts with Matravers logo
Trainers (not baseball boots or daps)
Football boots – no astro trainers
*Coolmax Sports socks
Shin pads
Gum shield for rugby

Optional Extras
* Aptus Quarter Zip Top with Matravers logo
* Aptus Jogging Bottoms with Matravers logo


*Aptus polo shirt with Matravers logo

* Aptus Full Zip Top with Matravers logo
* Navy PE shorts with Matravers logo
Trainers for every lesson (not baseball boots or daps)
Football boots (optional but needed for cross-country) – no astro trainers
* Coolmax Sports Socks

Optional Extras
*Aptus leggings with Matravers logo / jogging bottoms with Matravers logo

  • Skort with Matravers logo
  • Towel

Other Information

No jewellery

Hair tied back